Challenge USA F30 335 – Exhaust and Downpipe

Challenge USA 2012 BMW 335 exhaust system

As a follow up to our general product development we have been testing our catback for the F30 335 over the past week. We are playing with some different canisters to get the right amount of sporty sound with no droning or excessive noise. The exhaust will used full 3in piping front to rear ( the OEM pinches down to 2.5in in the front areas) with a dual outlet canister and 3.5in exhaust tips Once we add the catless downpipe, it’ll add some more aggressive sound as well as a good bump in power im sure

Here are a few shots we took the other day once the weather cleared up a bit. We’ll take some more shots of the exhaust once we have a more finalized version to show.

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