Challenge Manufacturing USA, Inc was born from our desire to develop and engineer the best performing performance parts and carbon composites for customers who wont settle for anything but the best in quality and refinement.  Our design team is composed of professionals from various manufacturing and engineering backgrounds. This allows us to offer a full line of products for customers that ranges from professional competition level suspension and braking components to formula one quality carbon composites for your street or track going performance automobile.


Our in-house design phase always starts with a blank piece of paper and a list of goals to achieve with our new product. One list item never changes. We always aim to set a new standard in quality and innovation in a category. This allows us to constantly be trendsetters and make sure we can bring a benefit to an often crowded marketplace. Our design staff is well versed in automotive design and has a combined 30 years of automotive design and a true passion for autos.


Using the latest in engineering and manufacturing technologies, Challenge Challenge Manufacturing USA, Inc is able to develop aero, braking, electronic, exhaust, and suspension components to the highest levels in the industry. CAD/CAM software, rapid prototyping and simulated wind tunnel testing are just some of the tools we use when developing many new products to ensure we are meeting and exceeding our customers needs. Our engineering effort doesn’t stop there. We continue collecting data with use in the field from every day situations to professional motorsports competitions.


Challenge  manufacturing facilities and partners pride themselves on their dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Our manufacturing facilities are Military and FAA accredited facilities that allow us to provide a level of quality control and manufacturing tolerances unmatched by others.  You will find machined components from our factories in places like US and International Military fighting vehicles, weaponry, and Japanese autos. Carbon components from our vacuum infusion and dry carbon facilities find themselves on top performing INDY , Formula BMW, Formula 3, and Time Attack racing teams. With some of the best facilities in the world behind  Challenge, you can rest assured your part was crafted to the highest standards.