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Challenge BMW M Tri Color Roof Decal Kit ( M4 Proto style )

First introduced on the F82 M4 Prototype in Pebble Beach and on prototype E92 M special edition cars, our Tri – Color M Roof Stripe package attempts to make this cosmetic subtle upgrade available to those that loved it on the concept cars. Each decal is printed using the correct M Pantone colors on transparent high quality vinyl including and anti scratch and UV resistant coating for maximum outdoor durability. Each kit is shipped with a 60″ long decal with an application squeegee.  Professional installation recommended for best results.


– True BMW M Pantone Colors
– Includes application squeegee
– UV resistant coating
– 60″ length
– Designed and Made in the USA

MSRP: $75.00 USD    ( Starts shipping 10/1/14 )

S2000 Front Control Arm Delrin Offset Bushing Set

S2000′s can use more camber in front especially when running non staggered wheel and tire sizes. Other options include offset lower balljoints which can be costly or adjustable upper balljoints which can slip out of alignment or wear prematurely. Our Delrin offset bushing kit can be used in all years of s2000 in the front upper control arms. Factory bushing get pressed out and the new ones are pressed in as they are placed in a freezer to contract. Once back above freezing the installed bushings and steel sleeve remain tight in place. Not only is this a cost effective solution it also allows NASA TT drivers to get the additional camber they need on track without costing them points! ( Ball Joints are a +2 pt. mod )

– Delrin performance bushings
– Additional 1 – 1.25 deg. negative camber
– Affordable camber solution
– No points NASA TT mod
– Made in the USA

Challenge Audi R8 V8 Prototype Exhaust Testing

Here is a quick rev video of one of our latest exhaust projects. This full stainless exhaust even includes vacuum controlled valves like the factory unit to seamlessly install into the car and transforms this model into an audible joy to drive.

BMW F10 M5 / 5 Series OEM Carbon Race Trunk Released!

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA, our OEM carbon race trunk is the perfect addition to your F10 5 series BMW. Each trunk is constructed by hand from 100% carbon fiber materials inside and out. Additionally carbon Kevlar is added in key areas for strength and rigidity while maintaining maximum weight savings. From the factory, all 5 series models come with a heavy steel trunk. Mass amounts of weight savings from the rear most part of the car can be achieved by swapping to a lightweight version. Not only will you see a difference in handling, acceleration, and chassis response, but a stunning appearance as well. Perfect OEM fitment with the classic 1×1 carbon to match your OEM roof and BMW accessories


  • Factory trunk weight: 31.2 lbs
  • Challenge – OEM Carbon Race Trunk: 9.5 lbs
  • 70% weight savings

Challenge F30 335 Catback and HFC Downpipe Sound Clips

Challenge Sport catback Exhaust with Challenge downpipe with High Flow Cat. The downpipe added a good amount of grunt down low and in the midrange without adding any additional noise at crusing speeds. The cold start is now a bit louder than before and the over all exhaust note is a bit deeper with a hint of turbo noise in it When the Ecu is put in sport mode, you also get a bit more burble and poping noise off throttle

Challenge Tri-Color Collection of Leather Interior Goods

Challenge now offers its new Tri-Color Collection of leather interior goods with the same attention detail and quality materials you have come to know from their carbon fiber and fabricated parts. Made famous by the first M cars stitched steering wheels, the tri-colors of the BMW M flag can now be added to other panels and surfaces with the same fit and feel as OEM. Each part starts off as a brand new BMW part ensuring the best fitment and materials are at the core of our product. OEM or factory matched leather is used on every leather part to ensure harmony with the rest of your interior.

E9X M3 shift boot

M3 e brake handle

M3 tri color dash trim

Challenge USA F30 335 – Exhaust and Downpipe

Challenge USA 2012 BMW 335 exhaust system

As a follow up to our general product development we have been testing our catback for the F30 335 over the past week. We are playing with some different canisters to get the right amount of sporty sound with no droning or excessive noise. The exhaust will used full 3in piping front to rear ( the OEM pinches down to 2.5in in the front areas) with a dual outlet canister and 3.5in exhaust tips Once we add the catless downpipe, it’ll add some more aggressive sound as well as a good bump in power im sure

Here are a few shots we took the other day once the weather cleared up a bit. We’ll take some more shots of the exhaust once we have a more finalized version to show.

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Challenge – F30 335 / 328 Product Development Begins!

Challenge BMW F30 335

CHALLENGE – F30 335 / 328 Product Development Begins!

Over the weekend we started to tear into our F30 335i sport to see what improvements we can make to the cars power train and other mechanical systems. Naturally, we got her up on a lift so we can give the car a good look over to see what stands out as needing improvement over the stock equipment. We plan on offering a full line of performance and cosmetic enhancements for both the F30 335 and 328i models, with some parts crossing over between the 2 models. F30 M sport and M3 parts will of course follow once the car is released. We took a handful of photos so you guys can see what your new car looks like and have a reference to what we’ll be developing moving forward.Exhaust and Down Pipe ( Cat )The factory exhaust is actually already a full 3inch unit minus a few small areas where its pinched down a bit here and there. The main restriction point is the rear canister it would seem. The valve system on the canister also help keep it on the quiet side and restricts flow for most of the low to mid RPM range. New on the F30 is the valve system, is now electronic. The previous was a vacuum based system. A bottle style resonator is also used in the mid pipe for keeping sound in check

First F30 335i (N55) Dyno Results Are In

We bring you the first dyno results from a 2012 335i (F30) sedan, performed by Challenge Mfg. USA (GTM_Challenge) on their recently delivered 335i. The F30 335i is powered by the N55 6-cylinder TwinPower twinscroll turbo engine and its factory quoted power figures are 300hp / 300lb-ft.

The 335i N55 dyno run resulted in 270whp and 273lb-ft torque. Note that the dyno was performed on a AWD Dynojet with linked AWD rollers. On a normal rear-roller-only system the numbers would be slightly higher (probably 5-10hp) given the less roller weight that would need to be moved.

What does this translate to in terms of crank HP (for comparison to the factory quoted figures)? Taking 275whp and 278lb-ft as the starting point and assuming a 15% drivetrain loss, it would mean that this 335i outputted approximately 324hp / 327lb-ft torque at the crank (or +24hp / +27lb-ft over the factory quoted numbers).

Like the F30 328i with its N20 engine (dyno results), it’s safe to say that the F30 335i and its N55 engine are also underrated from the factory (no surprise).

Check out the dyno run video and graph below.

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