BMW E9X M3 GT3 Carbon Front Undertray Splitter

The Carbon Undertray Splitter add on option can be fitted to any GT or GT3 spec front lip spoiler for the ultimate in front end aerodynamic performance on the circuit. Our 3D engineered under tray offers an efficient front splitter edge followed by a flat under panel reinforced with a balsa core wrapped in Carbon Kevlar. This creates not only a rigid surface, but a durable one that can take the punishment dished out in competition. Air extraction ducts are maintained to allow for proper engine cooling. NACA style ducts extract turbulant air towards the wheels for efficient air movement out of the fender arches.


  • – Full carbon composite construction by dry laid carbon and resin infusion.
  • – Mounts with hardware kit to any Challenge GT or GT3 Carbon front lip spoiler
  • – Carbon Kevlar on all possible contact surfaces for long term durability on the road and circuit
  • – Balsa splitter core for maximum rigidity and weight savings
  • – Extraction ducting for oem cooling, reuses all OEM rubber seals
  • – Stainless steel fasteners with large pan head for easy of installation and wear resistance.
  • – Increased front aero stability and air movement
  • – Weighs only 5 lbs!
  • – Designed and Made in the USA


MSRP: $1695.00 USD