BMW E46 M3 Carbon Roof Panel

First introduced on the E46 M3 CSL, E63 M6 and E92 M3 a carbon roof was an excellent way to shed pounds of the highest point on the car. BMW had of course already used advanced composites in the construction of their M cars for many years, but the use of a bare carbon fiber roof made a unique statement that set the M brand apart forever. Adding to our current offerings for the E90 3 series, E82 1 series and F10 M5 we are adding the brand new carbon fiber roof panel for the E46 M3 and 3 Series Coupes . This roof panel is available in a variety of weave styles to match OE carbon fiber or to deviate from the factory look instead. The Challenge roof panel weighs in at a featherweight 8.0 lbs, removing a tremendous amount of weight from the most critical area of the car.


– Full carbon composite construction by dry laid carbon and resin infusion.
– OEM full replacement panel
– Huge weight saving off the highest point on the car
– Weighs only 8.0 lbs!
– Designed and Made in the USA

MSRP: $1495.00 USD