F30 335 Stainless Steel Rear Muffler – Sport

      Challenge Sport catback Exhaust is a full 3inch exhaust with 3in single inlet dual 2.5in outlet muffler and 3in resonator to produce a throaty sport sound without added drone or annoying tones at cruising speeds. This quality Tig welded exhaust is a full bolt on solution for your BMW 335i or X drive which requires no cutting or clamping.


  • – Made in the USA
  • – Full stainless steel construction
  • – 3in muffler and resonator
  • – 3in reinforced flex section
  • – 3in Piping split to dual 2.5in
  • – OEM compatible V band flanges
  • – Twin 3.5in tips

MSRP: $1295.00 USD + $495 for Front pipe