Honda S2000 76TA-R (Race) Cat-Back

Many may or may not know, but the s2000 can use an 76mm ( 3in) exhaust system in the NA or turbo configuration. The car is capable of moving enough air to support its use and benefits on the street or race circuit. With more an more NA builds happening recently we felt there was a place for another good 3in exhaust on the market. Our particular S2000 uses engine and components from famed S2000 engine and header developer, Hytech. With all this power potential at our fingertips we had to step it up with a great free-flowing exhaust that not only performed, but was built to last, and easy for use to service and install both at the track, and in your driveway.


  • – Made in the USA
  • – 76mm Stainless piping
  • – High flow muffler canister
  • – No resonator for best weight savings and maximum race sound
  • – 2 pc Design for easy installation and trackside service
  • – Additional hanger for proper secured mounting

– Great ground clearance

MSRP: $795.00 USD

 Honda S2000 racing exhaust system
Honda S2000 racing exhaust system
 Honda S2000 racing exhaust system