S2000 Front Control Arm Delrin Offset Bushing Set

S2000’s can use more camber in front especially when running non staggered wheel and tire sizes. Other options include offset lower balljoints which can be costly or adjustable upper balljoints which can slip out of alignment or wear prematurely. Our Delrin offset bushing kit can be used in all years of s2000 in the front upper control arms. Factory bushing get pressed out and the new ones are pressed in as they are placed in a freezer to contract. Once back above freezing the installed bushings and steel sleeve remain tight in place. Not only is this a cost effective solution it also allows NASA TT drivers to get the additional camber they need on track without costing them points! ( Ball Joints are a +2 pt. mod )

– Delrin performance bushings
– Additional 1 – 1.25 deg. negative camber
– Affordable camber solution
– No points NASA TT mod
– Made in the USA

– Delrin bushings should avoid being used in sub freezing weather if possible. Not recommended for daily winter driving.

MSRP: $175.00 USD